STEM Virtual Coding

Excel in Using a Variety of STEM Coding Skills and Tools

Python Classes

Basic Python

  • How Python Is Used (Basic Operators, Loops, Nested Loops, and Containers)
  • Reading, Writing From Files, Web Scraping, and Making Simple Games

Advanced Python Sessions for College Students and Above

  • Statistics for Machine Learning and Writing Lines of Code in Python
  • Understanding Statistics by Writing Lines of Code in Python
  • Transforming Data Into Knowledge With Python

Mid to Advanced-Level Python

  • Session 1: Getting Started with Python
  • Session 2: Python Basics
  • Session 3: Data Structures
  • Session 4: Files and Exceptions
  • Session 5: Strings
  • Session 6: Advanced Functions and OOP
  • Session 7: The Standard Library
  • Session 8: Development Tools
  • Session 9: Networking
  • Session 10: Crawling and Scraping
  • Session 11: Web Frameworks
  • Session 12: Web Servers
  • Session 13: Serialization and Data Persistence
  • Session 14: GUI Programming
  • Session 15: Numerical and Scientific Programming
  • Session 16: Optimizing Python
  • Session 17: Distributing Python
  • Session 18: Numerical and Scientific Programming + Machine Learning – Data Sciences


STEM Students Immersion Experience (STEM-SIE) is a hands-on training program for K-12 students, where they are exposed to real-life business applications, laser cutting, robotics, and metal casting while applying critical thinking to complete projected tasks.

Our highly qualified programming experts provide individualized, one-on-one virtual Python coding, JavaScript, and SQL training sessions. Rest easy knowing that our team works hard to meet the needs of each student.

We build our projects around the following domains and competencies:

  • Logical Reasoning
  • Abstract Thinking
  • Productivity
  • Collaboration
  • Efficiency
  • Intelligence
  • Analytics
  • Structural Engineering
  • 3D Laser Printing
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Computer-Aided Designing (CAD)
  • Application Designing and Building

Integrating Business Applications

Students in this program learn how they can increase their productivity with collaborative tools in completing their school assignments through Microsoft products, such as Office 365 (Sharepoint, PowerApps, OneNote, Skype for Business, Teams, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel).

Robotics Platform

VEX IQ robotics platform comes with snap-fit pieces and illustrated build instructions. This makes it more accessible to middle school and high school students or those inexperienced in robotics and programming. Within one day, students can experience structural and mechanical learning made possible by vehicular robots.

This robotics platform also offers advanced capabilities for a more rigorous curriculum, which involve ultrasonic distance sensor, bump switches, gyro sensor, color sensor, and smart stepper motors. These instruments allow for programming and autonomous control. Students can program VEX IQ robots to navigate obstacle courses or play ball games using traditional C code or RobotC, a graphical block-based programming language.

The TxRx VEX IQ robotics curriculum centers around the engineering design process and robot challenges or games. Students in groups of two to four build robots that will compete in drag races, sumo wrestling, soccer, maze running, hidden object discovery, and simulated lunar mining.