Transforming Educators, Thinkers, and Visionary Leaders

STEM Persistence Leads to Innovation

Transforming Educators, Thinkers, and Visionary Leaders

STEM Persistence Leads to Innovation

A Strategic and Effective STEM Virtual Learning Program

For more than six years, STEM to Innovate has been providing customized training for faculty, staff, and students in Houston, TX and its surrounding areas. Our leadership focuses on the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) needs of campuses and businesses. These include:

  • Instruction Design and Delivery
  • Classroom Management
  • STEM Leadership
  • Campus Improvement Processes
  • Thought Leadership (Emergence and Acquisitions)
  • Business Improvement Strategies

In a typical summer, students forget up to 1.5 to 2 months of math and reading skills and concepts.
Due to COVID-19, educational experts anticipate the learning loss will be greater this summer with students returning to the classroom in the fall with as low as 60 % of the retention of previous academic years skills and concepts.
Don’t wait for that first progress report including report card and get instant shock to see low grades
We understand the impact of Covid on your child’s overall academics, and we are here to ensure your child gets a head start for the next academic year!
Enroll them in STEM to Innovate online virtual academic online program tutorials and enrichment live one-to-one with our extremely qualified instructors!
Also give your child a head start with coding skills (Python, Java, Machine Learning AI Concepts, Business Applications), so that they develop the interest for technology, and early exposure to hands-on coding will help eliminate the fear of programming and coding, this will ensure STEM persistence towards STEM/STEAM careers


STEM Students Immersion Experience (STEM-SIE) is a virtual learning program that involves the following:

  • Python Programming Session for Middle Schoolers
  • Python Programming Session for High Schoolers
  • Python Programming Session for College +
  • Python Programming Advanced Sessions (Professionals)
  • Robotics platform (limited seats)
  • Design of sensor systems and connecting sensors to a microprocessor (limited seats)
  • Testing the sensors as well as their sensitivity and accuracy
  • Programming the response of the robot on a custom-built microprocessor

K-12 Online STEAM One - to - One Virtual Tutoring

  • Math (K-12 Algebra, Algebra 2, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus 1, Calculus 2, Calculus Advanced Topics)
  • Science (K-12 Chemistry 1, Physics, Biology)
  • Reading (K-12 Reading Strategies, Vocabulary and Comprehension)
  • Writing (K-12 Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling, and Vocabulary)
  • Language Arts (K-12 Literature, English I-IV, and Comprehension)
  • ESL (K-12 ESL Exit Strategies and Sheltered Instruction)
  • SATs Preparation (Mastering SATs)
  • ACT Preparation (Mastering ACTs)

STEM Leadership of Tomorrow

Educational leaders require a STEM vision. The ultimate challenge of tomorrow is to embrace change in the world and be exposed to methods that help transform people and organizations in providing solutions to complex tasks
At STEM to Innovate, we equip our clients (students, educators, and leaders) with the necessary tools and strategies to adapt to the changing world’s complex problems and to persist in STEM careers and roles.

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